What I Like

Great, now what would I write about my first post…

Usually, you talk about yourself and perhaps that would be a good start. I am a 24 year old Asian guy who loves to eat rice. I eat rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sometimes I have my meals with rice alone – no viand in short. Sometimes, I would add sprinkle soy sauce to add flavor to rice. Wow, talk about Asian dining. So much rice. So much soy sauce. So Asian.Soy_sauce_and_Rice_20121111

I like a lot of things. Usually, things that interests me the most. I like good food. Hey, you should not be surprised about this. Yes, I may be able to survive with rice with soy sauce as staple but that doesn’t mean I can live for a long time eating nothing but just rice with soy sauce only. I also like watching movies – any genre will do as long as it is entertaining for me. I don’t care about its awards or what critics say about the film. If it is interesting, I’ll watch it. If not, I won’t.

I like to read. I read books, magazines, comics, newspaper or any publication with something good to read. I consider myself a bibliophile. I used to have a small collection of books, which unfortunately got destroyed by flood. Now I am starting anew with my book collection, which is not easy.

I like to laze around and sleep. Come on guys… who doesn’t like to laze around and sleep. It is a great thing, especially if you have no work. Lazing around is really relaxing and it is something I need from time to time because my line of work is really stressful.

This-is-you-browsing-the-Funny-Pictures-BlogI also like to browse the internet. I like to check on my Facebook account and check funny image sharing and video sharing sites. I like spending time over the internet because there are many things for me to do there as well as things to see. Most of all, I can learn many things thanks to the internet.

Last but not the least, I like to day dream. It is something that keeps my mind off the harshness of reality. You can say it keeps me sane and full of hope.

Yes, there are many things I like. How about you guys. What do you like?

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