Another Crappy Shark Film

I was checking the internet for anything interesting and there’s this image that really captured my attention. It was a movie poster for Mega Shark Versus Mecha Shark – another fantasy shark movie. Basically, the movie is all about a shark – a gigantic Megalodon versus a mechanized shark built to battle the terrifying fish.


Yes, the poster looked cool but I do know for one thing that this movie would suck! No offense to those who watched it and loved it but I don’t think such film would be worth my time. Based on my experience, fantasy shark films are too predictable and full of cliché. It would always be mutated, grotesque or super-sized sharks that would eat anything, including airplanes just like in Mega Shark films. The special effects sucks and most of all the acting is horrible.  The concept may sound interesting but the movie is always full of crap.

I am not saying they should stop making these fantasy shark films what I am trying to point out is to make such films worth watching.


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