Things That Make Reputation Management Service Useless

Reputation management service is a potent tool for businesses. It will protect and improve the image of the business and help bring in more potential customers. Sadly, having manage online reputation is not enough if the business would do things that would shoot themselves in the foot.

If the business treat customers badly or provide customer service, their reputation would remain in the gutter. For instance, the business rips off their customers or is dishonest in providing goods and services or if the employees are rude and exhibit bad behaviour. As long as the business keeps on providing horrible customer service, there’s no way reputation management services can help improve their image.

A business that engages in damaging, dangerous, illegal or underhanded activities would have a difficult time improving their reputation. Most people wouldn’t want to do business with a company that indulges in illegal activities like cooking their accounting books and not paying their taxes or doing criminal activities like smuggling or drug trafficking. People wouldn’t also want businesses that abuse their employees by giving them below minimum wage and taking away their benefits or sell products that may pose a huge risk to one’s health or harm the environment.

Most of all, if a business gets involves with politics or adopts a stance on certain issues like health care, gay marriage and war, expect to see a huge drop on their market shares. This happened a lot of times. In fact, there have been cases wherein certain consumers have called to boycott particular companies because of their political and social stance. Trying to manage business reputation while doing things that will only bring it down is like trying to stop a huge fire using a bucket of water, which is if a business wants to have a good reputation it is important that it is worthy of it.

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