Different Types of Videos Marketers Use


Most people these days know that using videos is an effective way for businesses to connect with their customers. However, most of us are unaware that there are various types of videos businesses use to reach out to their customers and spread the word about them, their products and services. Here, we will discuss some of these types of videos used in marketing. Sales video is the most common type. Sales videos can be used to tell the audience what the product or service is all about, what it does and what customers should do. Although it tells about the product or service, it cannot provide a lot of details because such videos are often short.

Another common video is demo video. Demo video is all about showcasing the product or particular service in action. It is longer than sales video and provides more explanation. Promo video is the longest marketing video. Promo videos highlight almost everything about the product or service and can last for 30 minutes, much like your average TV show. If promo video is the longest marketing video, the shortest one would be the teaser video. As the name suggest, teaser videos provide “teaser” or a hint regarding what product or service would the business be offering in the future.

Businesses want to show customers that they are experts and authorities in their field and in order to do this they sometimes do explainer or tutorial videos. Explainer or tutorial videos show customers how to complete a project or finish a task more efficiently.

Testimonials or reviews are powerful videos used by businesses to create an established reputation and brand. These videos can come from companies and people they have worked with or customer who have benefited from what the business has to offer.

There are many types of marketing videos businesses use and when it comes to using them a business should know what type of video to use and when they should use it. By planning it perfectly, it would be possible to use take full advantage of the benefits videos can bring.

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