Where Would You Put Your Animated Videos?

animated explainer video

Whether you are a businessman or not, we all know that the market is very competitive and every business needs a competitive edge against their competitors. This is why businessmen would employ every tool at their disposal in order to gain at least a small advantage. No wonder, animated videos are very popular these days.

Although sales video are popular marketing tools, it would be very important for businesses to know where they should put it.

One good place to put animated videos would be on the business’ website. Animated videos on the official website will really boost the website’s presence over the internet. If used properly, it can help optimize the website, giving it a better rank on search engine results. Most of all, if the animated video is on the website will engage visitor and keep them on the site for a much longer time. Even I would stay much longer on a website if they have video that I could watch.

Such videos should also be uploaded on YouTube. After all, that is the best place for videos and as an avid YouTuber I agree with this. A lot of people use YouTube on a daily basis. According to statistics, the number of daily YouTube users would be millions. So if the video is uploaded on YouTube, then there’s the possibility of it being viewed by thousands to millions of people.

Of course, you should never forget social media. Sharing videos on social media like Facebook and Twitter would mean sharing it to your friends, who would end up sharing to their friends and then sharing to their friends’ friends and so on and so forth. This is why the term “VIRAL VIDEOS” exist.

So if you have an animated video for your business, you would now know where you should put it.

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