Do you know what fear is?

facesDo you know what fear is?

Do you know what it feels like to be terrified?

Do you know what it feels like to shiver in fright or to soil yourself because you are terrified? Well, I don’t. This is why I am asking these questions.

Yes, I have been afraid before… I have experienced fear but not at its worst.

Usually, it was just because I have been naughty when I was a kid and my mother realized the mistake I made or because an angry dog ran after me threatening to rip off my legs. I was in those frightful situations but I was still able to find my way of it. I never became hysterical. I was still able to collect myself and calmly find a way out. I was able to save myself from the dog by climbing a fence but there are times I can never save myself from my mother. So I guess I get to experience a good spanking from time to time.

Not to brag but whenever I am in a bad situation – no matter how terrible it is – I always face it head on and find a way out of it. If I cannot solve it by facing it head on then I would circumvent my problem and resolve it by approaching the backdoor.

There was one time when a huge rain came in and caused a huge flood. When water was entering our home, everyone else was in the state of panic but I was still calm and collected and was able to find a way how we could get out of our house and climb to the roof. If I was in a state of panic, terrified and not knowing what to do, I might not be writing this post.

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