Traffic Generation Strategies You Should Avoid



It is a known fact (to most internet savvy and internet marketing professionals) that web traffic is the life and blood of any website or blog site, especially one that is used to earn money. But unfortunately, there are a lot of people who fail when it comes to getting traffic. Often times, this is not their fault. They just happen to be clueless when it comes to SEO and building traffic.

However, there are those who understand SEO but still fail when it comes to getting traffic. This is because of the mistakes or the poor traffic generating strategies they have implemented. Here, we shall discuss certain traffic generating strategies that you should avoid.

Pleading for links

As an online businessman, you should never plead for link. This is so wrong in many ways. Be professional. If you plead for links, you’d lose respect and you can never get good link.

Facebook or Social Media Spamming

Facebook or other social media would indeed help boost your website’s traffic. But if you continuously spam the social media so that you can get traffic, then this would end badly for you. People hate spam! That’s a fact. When you keep on spamming, there’s a possibility of being penalized. Instead of getting traffic, you might end up losing them in the process.

Comment Spamming

As I have said, people hate spams. You should wisely use comment sections if you want to get traffic. Make it more natural. Moreover, spams on comments are pointless.

Forum Spamming

Do I have to repeat myself? SPAMMING = BAD! Furthermore, spamming will get you banned. But if you use your forum signature and follow the rules, the use of forums would work perfectly.

Mass Twitter Following

This might work if your followers are actually people – people who are interested and people who care about what you can offer. But if you just twitter followers just for the sake of increasing your followers then this would be useless. You just have useless fake followers.

Keyword and Content Over-Stuffing

Mass production of articles with overly stuffed keywords will hurt you more than help you. Google hates this, so be prepared to face consequences once you go down this road.

If you want to bring traffic to your website, it would be better to avoid these strategies. Instead, seek the advice of an SEO consultant to know which strategy would work best for your website. It is highly suggest to seek the assistance of local online marketing services.

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