Yelp and Other Review Sites aren’t Always a Blessing

There are plenty of review sites over the internet. The best example would be Yelp. Yelp is an American multinational company that offers business listings where consumer sourced reviews are published. Yelp is a powerful figure when it comes to online reputation. In fact, it has more than a hundred million monthly visitors and almost sixty million reviews. With the growing number of smartphone and internet users, Yelp is a huge blessing to business owners who wants to improve their reputation and bring in more customers.

Unfortunately, Yelp and other similar review sites can’t always be a blessing. Sometimes, it can become a place where businesses are condemned publicly by posting a bad review. This bad review would stay for weeks or years, which would turn away potential customers and damage reputation.

But what if the bad review posted was untrue or just an exaggeration? What if that review was written by someone who held a grudge? An angry or unsatisfied customer perhaps? Then this review might be consider libelous instead. This defamatory statement should be dealt with and the need for justice should be immediate. Shouldn’t a business owner question the legibility of the said review? Shouldn’t the business owner protect his or her business?

But what if the review was just? What if it was just an honest opinion? Should it be dealt harshly? No! A messy public argument over the internet is not always the best action when it comes to bad reviews. Instead, find ways that would at least appease the customer like giving reimbursement or discount before asking them to revise or remove their review.

A wise businessman knows that customers’ opinions matters. So if a business receives a negative review, it is important to reflect on those customer’s words. Reassess the service or the product. Do quality tests. Train the crew. Improve the customer service. Make sure that the said complaint will never happen again.

If all else fails, consider buy business reviews. Or encourage previously satisfied customers to leave positive reviews.

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