Fast Food is healthier than Restaurant

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If you think you are doing your health a favor by avoiding fast food and heading to a restaurant for dinner instead, then you should think again. A lot of experts say that eating at a restaurant is a lot unhealthier than eating at fast food. This fact would really surprise a lot of people, especially those who bash fast food.

Fast food has bad reputation for they are often tied to various health problems like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, cancer and many more. But the risks they bring aren’t really as bad as the risks involved in restaurants.

According to research, the fat, sodium and cholesterol content of restaurant dishes are double or triple when compared to fast food. Moreover, the servings in restaurants are larger compared to fast food. So the consumption of excess fat, sodium and cholesterol is really higher in restaurants than in fast food.

Though dining at restaurants would lead to increased intake of fiber, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and reduced sugar intake, these benefits are offset by the bad “extras” restaurant dishes have. In other words, dining at restaurants is not a very healthy thing to do. It’s worse than eating at a fast food chain!

If restaurant is worse than fast food, then what should you do?

Well… it’s actually simple. You prepare your own meals! You should prepare your own healthy meals using fresh ingredients and regulating the amount of salt, fat and cholesterol in the food you prepare.

If you have no time to prepare meal, then you should rather opt for a fast food chain that offers healthier option. You know, the kind with reduced fat, sodium and cholesterol content. There are many Chicago fast food that offer healthier options these days. So this would be practically safer than regular fast food.

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