Beware of Craigslist Movers

Sure there are plenty of moving services on Craigslist. But do you think it is a good idea to even consider hiring them?

You see, there are plenty of dangers in hiring moving services off Craigslist and let me tell you what they are.

Craigslist is full of scammers and that is a fact! This is the place where vile scammers would hang around as they look for unsuspecting prey. In fact, if you search the internet for Craigslist scams, you will find a lot of results. I am not besmirching the reputation of Craigslist. I am just warning you that if you look for moving services on this site, then you have to be a lot more cautious. If not, well… you are bound to suffer… horribly.

On Craigslist, you could launch a proper investigation or research because the moving services listed on it are most of the time… unknown or have no proper background. All you can see are short ads about incredibly low rates and promises. It will be hard to check their history if they have any. You will never know how bad or horrible these services are.

One thing you should understand is that you will receive no protection if you hire moving services on Craigslist for consumer protection policies are non-existent in Craigslist. This is because it is a free ads site and admins just post them. The admin would wash their hands whenever victims complain about frauds and scams.

Moving services on Craigslist are mostly invisible – unless they have their own website. But if not, then you will never know whom you are dealing with. You will never know whether they have a truck or not. You will never know whether or not they have a proper moving team. You will never know if they have proper moving equipment. Most of all, you will never know whether or not they can truly help your or not. The only thing you will know is that they have an enticing ad that claims they are an affordable and reputable moving service – which may not be true.

You can never get a proper estimate as well. They will never offer on-site estimates and wouldn’t even bother explaining their quite. They might even ask money up front. Before you knew it, your money is gone because the service you hired never appeared. This is why it would be better to go online and search for Denver Movers.

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