Things That Make Reputation Management Service Useless

Reputation management service is a potent tool for businesses. It will protect and improve the image of the business and help bring in more potential customers. Sadly, having manage online reputation is not enough if the business would do things that would shoot themselves in the foot. If the business treat customers badly or provide… Continue Reading →

Another Crappy Shark Film

I was checking the internet for anything interesting and there’s this image that really captured my attention. It was a movie poster for Mega Shark Versus Mecha Shark – another fantasy shark movie. Basically, the movie is all about a shark – a gigantic Megalodon versus a mechanized shark built to battle the terrifying fish…. Continue Reading →

What I Like

Great, now what would I write about my first post… Usually, you talk about yourself and perhaps that would be a good start. I am a 24 year old Asian guy who loves to eat rice. I eat rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sometimes I have my meals with rice alone – no viand… Continue Reading →